Yoga Therapeutics


Yoga is a profound healing practice available to all bodies in all states.

Yoga therapy works to help people manage their conditions by activating the body's intuitive power of healing and fostering shifts in attitudes and perceptions, thereby reducing suffering and empowering individuals in their own bodies and minds.

Yoga Therapy for Physical Challenges

Yoga is a powerful force for healing whether recovering from injury, recuperating from surgery, learning to work with a body facing new limitations, or creating healthy practices for chronic conditions.

I've worked with yogis recovering from spinal fusions, joint replacements, bodies with broken bones, cancer survivors, migraine sufferers, fibromyalgia patients, and individuals with multiple diagnoses and challenges.

Yoga Therapy for Emotional Well-being

We house experience in our bodies. The physical body tells our emotional history - the habitual postures we take, the internal holding and external tightening we create as formidable coping mechanisms. The body is a powerful and compassionate force, which we can harness to bring healing as we intelligently integrate mind, body, and spirit in the work of yoga therapy.

It is simply stunning how creating opening shapes in the body and infusing them with breath and intention works to unlock, undo, and release emotional blockages in the body.

Try yoga therapeutics to bring balance and healing into your own life.
We can practice at my home studio in the heart of East Nashville. Weather permitting, we'll be on my screened side porch studio with heaters and fans for comfort. We can also practice together over Zoom. Many of us have been surprised by not only the ease it offers, but the deep connections we can find through this medium in our private yoga sessions.

Yoga Therapeutics Initial Session & Assessment . . . . $225
[this includes discussion of your previously completed intake form, assessment of issues, a personalized hour long yoga practice, followed by a written/illustrated home practice created for your personal use]

Thereafter, $90 each hourly increment
[with a travel fee for practices on location within Nashville]

  • 60 min . . . . $90
  • 75 min . . . . $110
  • 90 min . . . . $130
  • 120 min . . . $175

Let's set something up!


I was required to have no weight bearing for 8 weeks following a significant injury. While I had never done yoga before, I found the experience to be a critical part of my healing. I was particularly impressed with Taunia's ability to modify the therapy in creative ways as my recovery continued.

Bill Cooper

When I broke my tibia, Taunia helped with the necessary modifications that allowed me to continue my practice. But more importantly, as a yoga therapist, she also guided me gently through brokenness of mind and spirit too. My leg is stronger and I feel more integrated and whole

Taunia possesses a keen - almost uncanny - intuition to assess one's emotional and spiritual state. Combined with her deep knowledge of the human body, she is able to assess and develop an individual practice that doesn't simply allow one to stretch and relax but to find deep healing.

Kara Lassen Oliver

I originally got into yoga in order to help my running. Taunia was great about helping me work into the various poses and understanding their purpose. It challenged me in all the right ways, and I kept coming back. Now, almost two years later, I practice yoga because I enjoy it (although the benefits for running don't hurt), and I can do all kinds of things I never imagined.

Steve Lund

The gentle yet challenging way Taunia introduced, guided, and led the beginning yoga class was so skilled, thought provoking, relaxing, and satisfying. She truly cares about an individual's progression as a yogi and as a person. She took two weight lifters, Reggie and I, and connected our strengths with our future yoga possibilities. Thanks to her, I have found a new way to relax and gain some flexibility.

L. "Ozscar" Shannon Sr.

The yoga therapy components of my practice are based on certification through Asheville Yoga Center, not derived from my status as an RYT® with Yoga Alliance Registry.